Emus Online - September 2007

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Coming Events

Middle Distance Championships

Urgent Message to all bush-orienteers - entries for the excellent double-header weekend planned for the Victorian Championships are closing soon. Get your entry in now - and you may still get in without paying a $5 late fee. This feature weekend will use two of the maps used in the 2006 Easter Carnival - anybody that took part then will attest to the quality of the terrain - these two events will be the best running this season!

This is a pre-entry event - go to http://www.eurekaorienteers.asn.au/vicchamps.html  for details + entry forms.

We're running the first day - the Middle Distance Championships and rumour has it that Laurie Niven has set superb courses for the event. Deadman's Flat is so complex in parts that we decided to print it out at 1:7,500 - so people could interpret the map more easily. We need everybody there for lots of reasons...

Please note - accommodation in Castlemaine is scarce as there is a car-club activity on that weekend. Book accommodation early if you plan to stay overnight in the area. We will of course be running a club-dinner on the Saturday Night - please let Schon or Geoff Hudson know if you will join us for dinner.

Recent Events

The Maxi 3 Hour - at Hepburn Springs

Congratulations to everybody that took part!

The terrain was steeper than in previous years and this presented a real challenge to those that took part. Route choice was critical and it was interesting to see that the 3 winning runners all went much the same way - diverging on one or two controls in the North-Eastern corner of the map.

The assembly location was one of the prettiest start locations that we've come across in many years; having access to clean toilets, running water and the barbecues and tables in the rotunda made everything that much more comfortable for those present.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather - beautiful sunny conditions during the event and for the food and presentations....that gradually deteriorated as we picked up controls and packed the trailer. We had just got the cover over the trailer when the heavens opened - and then drove home to Melbourne in pouring rain!

For full report see http://emus.orienteering.com.au/Events/2007/2007-Maxi/results.htm

Member News

Club Clothing

With so many new members - the committee recently approved the purchase of more than $4000 of additional NE running tops etc. Please - it is important that we get as many people as possible in club-tops as this is the best way of identifying fellow club-members. Remember - if you see someone in an Emu top that you don't know - please go over and introduce yourself to them.

New members that would like to find out about club tops etc should contact Schon Hudson on 9888 8121 or at any event - or Fiona Shaw on 9749 4941 in the Western suburbs.

Vin-Maloney Trophy

Apparently the Vin Maloney trophy was run at the club-championship day at Franklyn Gorge - full report next issue....

Emus Course-Setters for the Summer Series

Courses setters are required for the events being hosted by NE over the coming Summer Series. I have a few names against events to start with as a result of the first round of club bidding for events. Please assist if can by placing the numbers 1 and 2 against events to indicate your 1st and 2nd event preferences and then return to Ian Stirling (or call him on 9876 3643) - we need to have course-setters in place for ALL events before the series starts.

Southern Summer Series Course Setter

Eastern Summer Series

Northern Summer Series

Newsletter Editor Needed

We were deluged by offers of assistance here and it is taking some time to sort through the applications and arrange the first round of interviews. Please bear with us, we'll get back to you real soon....