Emus Online - 30th June 2007

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NE Junior Features in Local Papers

Queen's Birthday Weekend

Bush Orienteering in Bendigo

 Unfortunately, I was unable to get a full report on the Bush Activities this weekend; Don was kind enough to pass the following comments on.

Hi Geoff.....Day 1 was an epic - your favourite venue. Whatever you do do not mention it to Ian Stirling or Rex Niven (and quite a few others too!!). This was a lot tougher than what we faced last year. My effort was bad enough but I blame myself for my map disintegrating and my inability to work out how the mapper interpreted the rock. Read Neil Barr's entries on AttackPoint. It was one of those days where you have to sympathise with the course setter (Julie; and well after you've cooled down yourself).

Park-Street Orienteering in Eastern Suburbs

Well...wasn't the weather spectacular!! A superb day, the sun was out and a surprising number of people turned up to take part in Day 1 of our 3 day streetO carnival. Was it the possibility of a run that attracted them - or the lure of the Hahndorf Chocolate Shop serving good coffee just across the road from the start location?

With so many folks seeing the new timing system for the first time, it was a little chaotic at first, but people will get used to it - and it does provide an added service plus an extra layer of safety for our weekly runs. We had expected 10-20 people and were a little taken aback when 37 actually turned up. We frantically phoned son David and asked him to print more maps just in case, but as it turned out the 32 maps we had plus 2-3 copies that had been scribbled on proved to be enough. David turned up as we yelled GO - so we have 10 spare maps if anybody out there would like to do the run in their own time and email the time into me.

Peter and Ian join in prayer before the event
(Judging by the scores, it seems to have worked)
Geoff Hudson reaches out for the finish control Geoff and Geoff
(Double Geofferdy?)

As with all streetO courses - there were a few minor problems with control - there were after all, 25 controls....and more controls does of course mean more mistakes. Peter Dalwood suggested that control 5 was in the wrong spot but when we looked at the control description, we realised that it was the dot that was in the wrong place...not the control. We examined this carefully and suggested that the dot was actually only about a millimetre out. When asked "If you were within a millimetre of the control, surely you should be able to find it?"....he was unable to come up with a suitable response. Protest dismissed.

We have no explanation for the lack of a number, light pole or anything resembling an orienteering feature at control 1, it was there 4 years ago when I set the course that we pinched the control from. I'll complain to the council if I get time - perhaps we could threaten to boycott maps in their area if this happens again!

Jun Okabe and Ian Greenwood got the lot - and logically, we should have offered one of them the box of gourmet chocolates that were passed to us as we left Hahndorf's (in appreciation for boosting their business that afternoon). These were passed on to a family with children - although, I suspect that they'll be savoured over the next week or two and the kids won't see many of them.

Organiser Geoff realised as he ran to the second control that he had forgotten to tell the computer that we had started the event and, as a result, cut his run short today - and so slips to the bottom of the scores (his rightful place on most orienteering 3 days over the last 5-10 years). He's hoping that his planned attendance at all 3 events in the carnival will see him creep a little further up.

Finally, thanks to Graham Wallis for scoring the cards while we all drank coffee and chatted - it made completing the admin work for the series that much easier.

Bernie Shuttleworth has an excellent event planned for Sunday morning! If you can't make it, please get in touch via email and I can post it over or call me on 9888 8121 if you'd like to pick up a map. You can run this course any time that's convenient to you - and send in the result for inclusion in the 3 Day Scores.

For a moment there, I thought that was Barry's hand around Bernie's waist...;-) Tanya with Ian, Anneka, Lech and Stan in the background

For the reports on Days 2 and 3 of our QB 3 Park/Street events, check out the StreetO web site at http://street.orienteering.com.au/

Jim Russell on the mend

While competing in the Blodslitet, Jim slipped and fell onto a tree stump/stake that penetrated through the skin in his right armpit. As he was only 800m from the start, hadn't even got the 1st control, he decided it was best to go back to the assembly area. Once he got back there, he must have been so relieved to have made it, that he fainted. Jim continues....

"When I came to (5secs I am told) Steve Bird had his car organised and I was taken into Daylesford Hospital. Their concern was how far the stick had gone in, and whether it had gone through into the chest cavity, which could lead to a punctured lung and/or internal bleeding. Found out later, that it had gone in 60-70mm.

All tests seemed to indicate that this hadn't happened, but as a precaution, I was taken to Ballarat Hospital by ambulance for an X-ray. This showed no damage, so the last thing to be done was to be stitched back up. So finally, after 1 hour in surgery, they had to remove any debris left in the wound; I came out of general anaesthetic, with 8 stiches and a bit of pain, but most important, no real damage."

Club Events - we need your help!

5th August - State Series #6 - MIA MIA, near Castlemaine

Please make a note of this in your diary - we are running this event and will need as many helpers as we can get.

Event Name Badge #2, State Series #6 (Medium)  
Date 2007-08-05  
Suburb/Location  Castlemaine - Maldon  
Map Mia Mia (Scale 1:15,000, 5m contours)  
Fireban District North West  
Directions to Start From Castlemaine; take the B180 towards Maryborough and Newstead. Turn right into the Maldon Road C282 and after approx 1.5 Km turn left into Muckleford School Rd. Follow O signs for 5 Km.  
Melway Ref 609C6  
VicRoads Ref 59D2  
Organiser  Joyce Rowlands 9723 6740  
Course Setter  Rex Niven 9444 1803  

16th September - Maxi 3 Hour - Hepburn Springs

Ian and Lauris have already started course-setting for this event - and it promises to be good running, good value (3 hour event!) and great food afterwards. Another one not to be missed!

Newsletter Editor Needed

I volunteered to help out with the newsletter a few years back now; this enabled Bill Johnson to escape and move on to things that were of more interest to him. Not going to bush events any longer makes it quite difficult for me to generate content for the newsletter - and so it's time to pass this task on to someone still participating in that area. Please send applications to any committee member or come along to the next committee meeting - see below.

Next Committee Meeting

    8 pm, Tuesday 24 July

    Niven Residence - casa del Niven
    15-17 Rockliffe St., Eltham
    Ph. 9444 1803