Emus Online - 17th May 2007

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Queen's Birthday - 3 Day Bendigo Bush Orienteering Carnival

Good luck to everybody that's going this weekend! This is one of the feature events for the year - without a doubt, some of the best orienteering in Victoria. It would be great if somebody could take some pictures and send over a brief article for the next Emus Online.

Joyce has kindly arranged dinner on Saturday Night at the Empire State Hotel in Inglewood. The booking is at 6:30 pm on Saturday evening - and all are welcome to attend. To allow Joyce to confirm numbers, please RSVP directly to her on 9723 6740.

Event Details

Event Name State Series #4 (Short)  
Date 2007-06-09  
Club BG  
Region Bendigo  
Suburb/Location Wedderburn Junction  
Map Korong Spur  
Fireban District North West  
Directions to Start Take the Calder Highway through Inglewood. 7 k past Inglewood is the old Kurting Mechanics Institute Hall. Just past this turn right onto the Kurting-Boort Road. After 10 k turn left onto the Wedderburn Serpentine Road. After 5 k look for signs and the entrance to the Mt Korong Flora and Fauna Reserve on the right.  
Melway Ref  
VicRoads Ref 29 E9  
Organiser Julie Flynn-Neil Barr  
Course Setter Julie Flynn  
Controller Craig Feuerherdt-Jim Russell  
Start Time(s) 12.00-2.00  
Courses 7 courses: http://www.vicorienteering.asn.au/adm  
Remarks Middle distance style course setting. It has been raining and the rock slabs are wet. Studs advised.  
Fees VOA-Snr : 12  
Fees VOA-Jnr : 6  
Fees VOA-Family : 30  
Fees non-VOA-Snr : 14  
Fees non-VOA-Jnr : 7  
Fees non-VOA-Family : 34  


Event Name Badge #1, State Series #5 (Long)  
Date 2007-06-10  
Region Bush  
Suburb/Location Kingower  
Map Kooyoora  
Fireban District North West  
Directions to Start From center of Inglewood on Calder highway, turn south towards Kingower (Verdon St). Travel through Kingower, follow signs towards Kooyoora State Park. 19km from Inglewood, turn right into Kooyoora State Park, follow O signs to Melville Caves picnic area.  
Melway Ref 620 J8  
VicRoads Ref 43 D3  
Organiser Ruth Goddard  
Course Setter Barry Hart  
Controller Tim Hatley  
Start Time(s) 10.00am to 1.00pm  
Courses 9 Standard courses for Badge/State series event  
Fees VOA-Snr : 14.00  
Fees VOA-Jnr : 7.00  
Fees VOA-Family : 35.00  
Fees non-VOA-Snr : 20.00  
Fees non-VOA-Jnr : 10.00  
Fees non-VOA-Family : 50.00  


Event Name Kooyoora Challenge  
Date 2007-06-11  
Club MFR  
Suburb/Location Inglewood  
Map Kooyoora  
Fireban District North West  
Directions to Start From Inglewood, turn onto the Inglewood - Rheola Rd. Follow O signs after approx 10kms.  
Melway Ref    
VicRoads Ref    
Organiser Dion Keech  
Course Setter Torgeir Watne  
Start Time(s)  
Remarks If you want to be in the official chasing start for your course, you will need to run the same cours  


Nillumbik Junior selected for Australia's Junior World Orienteering Championship Team

Nillumbik Emu's Rob Fell was successful in gaining a place in the recently selected JWOC (Junior World Championship) Team last weekend. Rob, currently studying at ANU in Canberra - takes his orienteering quite seriously and has been a member (and Captain) of the Victorian Team in recent years. Two other Victorian Juniors were selected for the team - Morton Neve (from Melbourne Forest Racers)  and Belinda Lawford (from Eureka/Ballarat).

That's Rob on the left....but congratulations to all of the Fells - we're all aware just how much effort you guys put into orienteering and street-orienteering (in the Western Suburbs). Rob's selection is a great acknowledgement of both his skills and your family's commitment to orienteering in general.


Queen's Birthday Weekend - Orienteering Opportunities in Melbourne
For Melbourne Orienteers that are not taking part in the Bendigo 3 Day events....

The folks that have been taking part in the informal Monday Night events - often referred to as training events (but generally good fun and good company) - are running low-key events on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the long weekend. We will run normal score courses - but with more controls for even more fun - with sections for runners or walkers. The format we've used for weekend events previously is to enjoy the run and then retire to a nearby coffee shop or similar for afternoon tea and course comparison.

Each course will have a maximum score of 100 - allowing us to aggregate scores for the weekend - out of a total of 300. There is no charge for these activities - we provide everything that you would see at a normal street-orienteering event...except the public liability insurance. All we ask participants is that they recognise that they are responsible for their own safety and the result of their own actions. For more information check out the Melbourne Street-Orienteering Home Page at http://street.orienteering.com.au/

Geoff Hudson
Phone: Mob. 0407 998 240       Hm. 9888 8121

"Disabled" Athlete wins Silver Medal at National Level

Oscar Pistorius is a man happy to be known as the "fastest thing on no legs". In March he won a silver medal at the South African national athletics championships, running the 400 metres in 46.56 seconds. It was an able-bodied race, yet Pistorius is a bilateral amputee who uses carbon fibre "cheetah" legs similar to the ones Aimee Mullins (see below) wears. The International Association of Athletics Federations is now debating whether Pistorius should be allowed to run in able-bodied races at future international meetings. Those who argue against him doing so claim his legs might give him an unfair advantage.

Most prosthetic leg specialists say such concerns are ill-founded, for now at least. The prosthetic legs, which are made by the Icelandic company Ossur, act like springs which store energy as the foot is pushed into the ground, and then return much of it to the runner, just as tendons do in a natural ankle. However, unlike natural legs, the Ossur prosthetics lack the muscles to generate their own power, and so provide much less energy overall than natural legs, the experts say.

That may be about to change. Herr, who has made it his life's work to design improved prosthetic legs, is being funded by the US Department of Veterans Affairs to work on a prosthetic ankle that returns more energy in each stride. Inside each prosthetic are battery-powered motors that do a similar job to muscles. Last week, he wore two of these brand-new ankles for the first time. "It was absolutely amazing," he says. "It's like hitting the moving walkway at the airport." People wearing the new prosthetic have been shown to expend 20 per cent less energy when walking than with a standard prosthetic, and Herr says their gait also looks completely natural.

Advances like these are shifting perceptions of disability. Herr mentions a 17-year-old girl who has decided to go ahead with an operation to amputate a damaged leg because, he says, she thinks a new prosthetic will give her more athletic ability than she has now. For his own part, Herr claims he would not swap his prosthetic legs for natural legs, even if he could. "Would you buy a computer system if you were told you couldn't upgrade it for 50 years?" he says.

His goal is to create an artificial leg that outperforms a natural leg in every way. In the meantime he will focus on specialised designs for particular purposes: one that allows him to run faster than other humans, another that allows him to walk more efficiently and a third that allows him to climb better. "I mean, Aimee and I can just switch legs in a matter of 15 seconds." That's not something able-bodied people can do.

Footnote - The celebrity magazine People ranked fashion model and actress Aimee Mullins among the world's 50 most beautiful people. She is president of the Women's Sports Foundation, whose goal is to advance the lives of girls and women through sport and physical activity, and is a record-breaking athlete. Mullins is also a double amputee, having lost both her legs below the knee as a child.