Emus Online - 6th August 2006

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Member News

Nillumbik Juniors - make the State Team

Congratulations to Dave Mallen, Alice and Kate Edmonds and Jessica Niven for a terrific effort in making it into the State Junior Squad for this year's Australian Championships - to be held late September in Western Australia. Recognising that travel to Western Australia will be expensive and that team members work so hard to represent their state and their clubs, the committee last week voted to contribute $300 to each junior that is a travelling member of the State Team.

Well done guys!

World Masters Results

The World Masters Orienteering Championships completed recently and a number of Emus and Melbourne Orienteers took part. Congratulations to Sue Healy for second place in her age-category and to Dorothy Adrian for her middle of the field result below. More news when they get home...

    2    114 Sue Healy                        AUS    66 Ozzie Kangaroos                        30:25 
   26   3835 Dorothy Adrian                   AUS    953 NEV/Nillumbik Emus                  1:13:49 
        3836 Paul Adrian                      AUS    953 NEV/Nillumbik Emus                       mp 
Other Melbourne orienteers  (in order of placing/position within their age-class) :
    2    597 Penny Hearn                      AUS    212 Aussie Kangaroos                      51:47 
    6    608 Ted Van Geldermalsen             AUS    212 Aussie Kangaroos                    1:01:46 
    6   3239 Geoff Lawford                    AUS    606 Eureka                                57:43 
    7   3945 Jim Russell                      AUS    1049 Bendigo                            1:03:57 
    9    601 Libby Meeking                    AUS    212 Aussie Kangaroos                      58:03 
   13    595 Mary Enter                       AUS    212 Aussie Kangaroos                      59:15 
   16    123 Alex Tarr                        AUS    66 Ozzie Kangaroos                        58:00 
   17    600 John Meeking                     AUS    212 Aussie Kangaroos                      55:18 
   22    607 Blair Trewin                     AUS    212 Aussie Kangaroos                    1:15:49 
   29   4064 Paul Liggins                     AUS    1142 Melbourne Forest Racers            1:19:08 
   32    604 Tom Norwood                      AUS    212 Eureka Orienteers                   2:31:36 
   34    598 Michael Hubbert                  AUS    212 Aussie Kangaroos                    1:06:31 
   37    594 Ian Baker                        AUS    212 Aussie Kangaroos                    1:27:16 
   42    124 Janet Tarr                       AUS    66 Ozzie Kangaroos                      1:15:45 
   45    602 Sue Neve                         AUS    212 Aussie Kangaroos                    1:02:02 
   47    605 Jenny Sheahan                    AUS    212 Aussie Kangaroos                    1:23:34 
   58    596 Margi Freemantle                 AUS    212 Aussie Kangaroos                    1:18:10 
   nc    603 Chris Norwood                    AUS    212 Eureka                                   mp 
         606 John Sheahan                     AUS    212 Aussie Kangaroos                         mp 

Gone Phishing

I've just got an email from a Norway Consulting Group - asking me if I want a great job. They claim to be conducting business here and just need somebody to pick up the money and wire it to them via a funds transfer agency - all you need is a bank account ...and a whole bunch of other skills that are really just noise....the bank account is all they really want.

This is the tail-end of internet identity theft scams - sometimes known as phishing emails. You receive an email that purports to be from your bank telling you that you need to log in and update your details or similar. If you actually do this, they record all the information that you've typed in - such as your bank account number and password - and then pass you through to the real bank site so you never know that you've been conned. The "really great job email" is the second stage of this where they transfer funds (say $10,000) from the hijacked account to some young person's bank account and instruct him to withdraw the money and wire it to them. They then provide him with his cut via funds transfer once they've received the lion's share. Other variations of this occur where the young person withdraws the funds from his account only to be intercepted by a large burly chap that wants his share as they leave the bank.

The end result for the young person is, however, always the same. As soon as the owner of the compromised account complains, the bank investigates and there is a clear trail to the young person's account. At the moment, the banks are covering the lost funds and also paying for the cost of investigations and participation in court proceedings - but it seems unlikely that they will do so forever. While there are technology solutions to some of this - the first steps are to educate consumers to be a little more aware of such scams and how to avoid them.

This is a contribution from us - I hope it's been of interest to you. (for information, I'm working in the computer security field at the moment and see, first hand, how much effort the banks are putting in to reduce this type of theft). Don't be caught - banks NEVER send out emails asking you to log in. If you get such a request, just delete it.

Maxi 3 Hour (Repeat)

Every year the Emus run what is generally believed to be one of the most sociable and fun events of the orienteering calendar - the 3 hour Maxi. This has proved so popular that other clubs are now adopting the format - although none quite as good as the Maxi - known for its great food, social atmosphere, great prizes (with a prize for every junior taking part) and the stunning split-ticket/results analysis and web-pages that our software provides.

We're headed up there on the Saturday - to put a few controls out and set up the finish area. There's toilets onsite and free camping for those that are happy to do the campfire thing on the Saturday night. For those that want to be a little more comfortable the Rushworth motel is remarkably cheap and we've already booked a couple of rooms there. So let us know (by email or phone) if you'd like to come along on the Saturday. It's a relaxed, low-key event so we tend to treat it as a weekend away rather than the higher-pressure State-Series type events.

The Maxi is a Teams or Solo event - go with a group or go by yourself - your choice. Control setting is generally moderate - so this is a perfect event to bring a non-orienteering friend to and teach them how to navigate. If you'd like to come along, but don't have a partner, please get in touch with me and I'll arrange one (Geoff - 9888 8121).

Useful Maxi Links

Important Notes

Emus Training Nights

Feel like a run on Monday evenings?

Visit the Emus Street-Orienteering Web Site and look at the Monday pages ; the Emus training runs each Monday night have proved to be very popular and everybody taking part has enjoyed them immensely.

Other Orienteering News


Orienteers around Australia were cheering in the early hours of Wednesday morning as Hanny Allston stormed to victory in the World Sprint Orienteering Championships being held in Denmark. The victory is not only Australia's first medallist at the World Orienteering Championships, but our first champion at this event. This amazing result follows her gold and silver medals only one month ago at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Lithuania. Spectators were in awe as she kept her composure and pushed her body to the limit to force the great Simone Niggli-Luder into second place, with Kajsa Nilsson of Sweden third. Fellow Tasmanian Grace Elson finished 39th after losing some time on the long route choice which split many runners and punished those who made the wrong choice. Hanny was presented with her medal by 'our own' Crown Prince Frederik.

Dave Shepherd was Australia's only men's result after Troy de Haas was disqualified. Dave struggled over the latter stages of the course, unfortunately fading to finish 39th. The men's event was won by Emil Wingstedt of Sweden, with Daniel Hubman of Switzerland 2nd and Claus Bloch of Denmark in third place.

Hanny will now re-focus and concentrate her efforts on the long distance race where she will be aiming to repeat her effort of JWOC in winning two medals. The long distance race will begin at 10pm AEST (Wednesday night) with Anna Sheldon joining Hanny as Australia's only representatives. Danielle Winslow finished 27th in her heat, outside the top 15 required to qualify in the final. (from OA website August 2nd)

For those of you whod like to see some lovely immediate post race photos of Hanny and her mum try this link (thanks Christine Marshall) http://woc2006-aus.blogspot.com/


Australia had a successful day in Denmark on the opening day of WOC 2006, the Middle Distance Qualification races. Held in Hjortsballe Krat, the terrain proved tough with the expected winning time of 25mins not being challenged in any of the heats. All Australian women qualified with Jo Allison running well in a strong heat to take 8th. Anna Sheldon was 11th, and Grace Elson was 14th in Heat B in which New Zealand's Tania Robinson finished a very impressive 2nd. Australia's men had a tougher time of it with David Shepherd 14th in a final-quality heat and Rob Walter scraping through in 15th. Unfortunately Eric Morris was 26th in Heat C and thus missed the final. The Middle Distance finals will be held this Friday 4 August. (From OA website)

This is the first World Orienteering Champion from outside of Europe and the first junior to win senior world championship gold. Hanny was presented with her gold medal by Danish Crown Prince Frederick! Reports and stories can be found at; http://www.orienteering.asn.au, http://woc2006-aus.blogspot.com/ and http://www.woc2006.dk