Emus Online - 1st August 2006

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Member News

Maxi 3 Hour

Every year the Emus run what is generally believed to be one of the most sociable and fun events of the orienteering calendar - the 3 hour Maxi. This has proved so popular that other clubs are now adopting the format - although none quite as good as the Maxi - known for its great food, social atmosphere, great prizes (with a prize for every junior taking part) and the stunning split-ticket/results analysis and web-pages that our software provides.

We're headed up there on the Saturday - to put a few controls out and set up the finish area. There's toilets onsite and free camping for those that are happy to do the campfire thing on the Saturday night. For those that want to be a little more comfortable the Rushworth motel is remarkably cheap and we've already booked a couple of rooms there. So let us know (by email or phone) if you'd like to come along on the Saturday. It's a relaxed, low-key event so we tend to treat it as a weekend away rather than the higher-pressure State-Series type events.

The Maxi is a Teams or Solo event - go with a group or go by yourself - your choice. Control setting is generally moderate - so this is a perfect event to bring a non-orienteering friend to and teach them how to navigate. If you'd like to come along, but don't have a partner, please get in touch with me and I'll arrange one (Geoff - 9888 8121).

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Important Notes

Emu Clothing

Fiona is looking for orders for Emus clothing/uniforms; please call her on 9749 4941 if you would like to order any of the following:

Emus Training Nights

If you're not already aware, Emus and friends have now start running Training Activities on Monday evenings - in reality this is just an excuse to get out for another run in the company of friends. At the moment, the basic concepts are:

Want to know more - visit the Emus Street-Orienteering Web Site and look at the Monday pages

Articles wanted

Been on holiday? Just back from an overseas or interstate trip - not necessarily O-related. It doesn't take long to type up a few paragraphs about something that you found interesting there. We'd certainly appreciate any contributions to the newsletter. Please send your articles/notes to hudson@bigpond.net.au