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2006 Maxi 3 Hour

This year's Maxi 3 Hour was run in the area of Whroo - subtle spur-gully orienteering in superb terrain for faster runners. Combined with course-setting that provided route choice opportunities for both experienced and moderate orienteering, many said that the course was one of the more enjoyable and challenging runs this year.

The weather was perfect - 17 degrees - and recent rains meant that the area was greener than normal and that the ground was soft underfoot. The start location was just South of the Balaclava mine site - a tree covered knoll that offered good views of runners coming home along the road.

The catering crew did a great job - thanks to all concerned - and the prizes/brief presentations provided a good ending to a great day in the bush. Thanks to everybody that took part - the results are shown below - please send any feedback, updates or suggestions to

Latest Updates:

Feedback Received:

From Peter Yeates

Geoff. I have forwarded this e-mail to Louise Hall as she took sole possession of the first prize chocolate that we inadvertently accepted as being winners. Now that the computer has relegated us to a distant second I think Louise should return the prize to you on Wed. However I believe she intended to partly consume the same, along with fish and chips as part of her post event nutritional replacement program but I am sure the new winners would settle for half a block of chocolate rather than none. I know I would. Must go, I have to peel the tofu for tea and then pack for Bali. See you in 3 weeks. Thanks again for a great day. Peter Yeates.

From Louise Hall

You are right, of course, there is now only half a bar of chocolate remaining. However, if the first placegetters either failed to add up correctly, or failed to lodge their claim with the race organiser, then that's their tough luck.

J - Louise


Pre-Event Information:

  • Area map/updated route now available

What is the Maxi? : Solo runners and teams of 2-5 people navigate their way through the bush to visit as many controls as they can in a 3 hour period. Controls are worth varying points, taking into account difficulty of navigation and distance travelled.  Instead of a control card, a team member carries a Sportident stick to record and time control visits electronically. Navigation is medium difficulty, and route choice is very important.
When? : Sunday 13th August - Mass start at 11:00 am
Where? : Whroo - just South of Rushworth
About the area :  
Entry Forms : Information Page
2005 Maxi Entry Form
Schools Entry Form
Catering : There is ample opportunity for socialising during a late lunch and presentation ceremony after the event. Soup/bread and tea/coffee, cake and fruit will be provided. Bring your own plate, cup and cutlery.
Cost :   Senior Junior Family  

VOA and VRA Members

$15 $10 $35
Non Members $18 $11.50 $42.50
Directions to the Event :


Registration : Get there early to allow plenty of time to study the map. Registration opens at 9:30 am. Notify organisers of team changes and collect maps/clue sheets - and pay any outstanding monies.

The mass start will take place at 11 am.

Presentations : Will take place between 2:30 and 3:00 pm


The maxi is famed for its detailed analysis and comprehensive web site. Check out last year's results to see the sort of detail offered.  




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