2004 Maxi 3-Hour
Little Hard Hills
Sunday 17th October, 2004

Latest Changes

18 Oct Adjusted scale on split printouts - people actually ran about 5-7% further than had been shown
  Updated main results index - several minor changes
19 Oct Feedback section added below


The data currently available includes:

Photo Gallery

To view a selection of photos taken on the day - Click Here

If you would like the original of any photos, please drop us a line by email. If you have some good shots that might be of interest to others, please forward them to admin@orienteering.com.au

Feedback Received

Thanks for a great event and allowing Dave and I to get in at the last minute. I thought the site was brilliant, the course was challenging and the soup at the end was very, very much appreciated. Well done all round.

Phil P. and Dave Knight

A quick note to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the event. I thought the whole thing was very well run. I found that the course offered interesting variety in course options, terrain and vegetation. The speed that comprehensive results were produced was very impressive. The catering was terrific - plenty of nourishing and tasty food - the curried sweet potato soup was my favourite! I look forward to the event next year.

Eric Davidson.

Club Competition

The club competition was won by the VRA - congratulations to all of those from the VRA that took part. Overall scores were as follows:

Club Runners Points
VRA 52 24140
DR 26 17200
BK 19 13110
NE 23 13090
BG 10 9440
YV 12 8870
GGS 13 7210
TK 7 4260
NONE 9 4090
EU 5 2690
BE 1 1500
AR 1 730
MF 2 690
CH 1 650
GBC 1 440
MCSC 2 420

About the Maxi

The 3 hour Maxi is a great event for those wishing to get a little more out of their trip to the country - offering a 3 hour score course with moderate navigation, the maxi is a great event for newcomers to bush navigation. Many street-orienteers took part in last year's maxi at Creswick and had a great time - finishing with soup, cake and fruit and a social get-together that has become the trademark of NE's maxi for the past 14 years. Check out last year's maxi page at the 2003 Maxi Web Page - the sample map and the comprehensive results printouts give you a good idea of what to expect.

Teams of 2-5 members (or Solo Entrants) visit as many controls as possible in the 3 hours available. Instead of punched cards, each team carries a SportIdent Card - an electronic means of recording which controls have been visited and when. The terrain is undulating with some steep sided gullies - mainly open forest with areas of goldmine workings. For more information please download the entry form or contact us via email using the email address below.

Latest Information

Today's event is dedicated to the memory of Nigel Aylott who recently lost his life while competing in an endurance adventure competition in the United States. Nigel was a regular competitor in the Maxi and a 3 time winner in 1998, 2001 and 2002. There will be time given at the presentations for people to say a few words in his memory, to express their sympathy and sorrow, and acknowledge his contribution and achievements.

Course Setters Notes

Full body cover is recommended because you will probably meet some prickly wattle scrub. The forest was badly burnt in the 1995 fires with significant regrowth since it was originally mapped. Therefore, some of the minor tracks shown on the map are indistinct. Also, the vegetation shown on the map should be taken as indicative only. There are numerous mineshafts in the area. Please be careful. They are marked on the map, but unless you are 100% certain that you know your position on the terrain to within a metre or so (!), you need to be watchful. Most of the mineshafts in this area are less than a metre wide, and many do not have a mound next to them.

Directions From Melbourne

Drive to Ballarat. From the main street of Ballarat turn left onto the Midland Highway (towards Colac and Geelong). After about 9 km turn right towards Colac/Cressy and proceed to Enfield. Follow O'signs from Enfield. (Melways 627B4; VicRoads 76E6). There are two toilets at the assembly area. You may like to visit toilets in Ballarat before arriving at the site to avoid possible queues.


You may register from 9:30 am. Check your team category and number from noticeboard and advise registration officials of any team changes. Collect your pre-marked maps, with clues on back, and map bags. Please have your e-stick ready for checking and clearing at registration. Teams hiring an e-stick, collect it at registration. The e-stick is worn on the pointer finger and must be cleared and checked before starting.

  • A plastic map bag and clue sheet will be provided with each map
  • Each person should take compass; energy food; warm clothing; whistle; waterproof jacket, and water. Each team should carry a first aid kit. There will be three water stops.
  • Each team must stay together at all times. Separation means disqualification.
  • Being a score event controls are worth various points according to difficulty and distance. You may visit the controls in any order.
  • Final instructions will be given at 10:50 am, for an 11 am start. Teams must finish within 3 hours in order not to incur a penalty. Teams must stay and finish together. There will be 10 points deducted for each minute late. Teams, more than 30 minutes late, will be disqualified as will teams that split up.
  • At the finish, insert your team's e-stick into the finish recorder. The computer will produce a printed readout of your team's score as well as overall results and times.
  • We are conducting a competition between the various VOA clubs, the VRA and other groups such as Girton Grammar School, by collating team scores scored as individual points.


This will take place as soon as possible after the event at around 2:30 pm. There will be a draw for lucky spot prizes at the presentation ceremony as well as prizes for first place in each category. Results will be published on Nillumbik Emus website, O'Vic and Rogaining magazines and websites.


Soup, cake, hot drinks etc will be available at the assembly location after the event.

Check these websites for further information.
Nillumbik Emus WebSite : http://emus.orienteering.com.au/
Park/Street website : http://street.orienteering.com.au/
The Victorian Orienteering Association: http://www.vicorienteering.asn.au for all coming events

Nillumbik Emus is a Melbourne based club, active in mountain bike, street and bush orienteering. We welcome new club members.