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by Emus Orienteering Club
(Serving orienteering in the Northern and Western suburbs of Melbourne)



Loading theStreetO Fixtures into MS Outlook and PDAs

Printable fixture for folks with a paper diary - all events sorted by date

OCAD 8 - mapping software for street orienteering maps

CONDES - control description software for bush orienteering courses

Links to other orienteering download sites

2011-2012 Summer StreetO Fixtures - import into MS Outlook (and your PDA/iPhone)

Keying all of the details for 120 events into your computer can be a real pain! The file below contains essential details for ALL of the Summer Series events. You can import this file into Microsoft Outlook and - if you have a PDA or similar device - can then sync this with Outlook so you have Street-O details in your electronic diary immediately.

Download :  2012 Winter Events in Outlook Format

Importing this data into MS Outlook

Note that Outlook may prompt you for the installation CD if you've never used the import function before. This capability is not installed in the default Outlook installation.

  • Download calendar using the above link
  • Save the file on your hard drive -- note the location
  • Open Outlook
  • Open Calendar
  • File [menu]
  • Import and Exportů [pull-down menu]
  • Import from another program or file [option]
  • Next [button]
  • Comma Separated Values (Windows) [option]
  • Next [button]
  • Browse [button] for File to Import:
  • Locate the file noted/downloaded
  • Select the Calendar CSV file
  • OK [button]
  • Replace duplicates with items imported [option]
  • Next [button]
  • Calendar [selection] as Select destination folder:
  • Map Custom Fields [button]
  • Default Map [button] {field names were set so all fields should map directly into existing Outlook fields}
  • OK [button]
  • Finish [button]

View all Orienteering Events in Calendar (in date order)

  • View [menu]
  • Toolbars [pull-down menu]
  • Advanced [option]
  • In the white rectangle, By Category [pull-down menu] OR
  • In the white rectangle, Day/Week/Month [pull-down menu]

But I use a Paper Diary...

Download :  Microsoft Word Fixture for 2011 Winter Events here - adjust as you think necessary

OCAD 8 Download

The club has several licensed copies of OCAD 8 - the excellent drawing program that is used for the bulk of orienteering maps. If you are running an event and need to put start triangle, controls, clues etc  on the map, then download a copy of OCAD here.

Download : OCAD 8


Installation is pretty straightforward - on machines with WinZip installed you just have to double-click on the zip file and the list of files within the zip file will be displayed. The just double-click on the setup.exe file and follow the prompts. NE Members should note that we have a limited license to use this on a small number of machines - please call Geoff Hudson on 9888 8121 to see if a license is available.

Introduction to OCAD - everything you need to know to set a street-O course

Coming soon....


The best software available for setting bush orienteering courses. The club has licensed copies that can be used by members. Please contact Geoff Hudson for registration details.

Download : Condes 7.48

Links to other Orienteering Download Sites

GPS Programs

SportSim - one of the best GPS programs around. ALlows you to scan a map, download your GPS trail and then play it back to see where you went. If you have tracks from other people's GPS, you can see where they went too. Run the two in parallel to see who wins - if it was it again and again!

Click on the logo to the left to go to the SportSim site.

Garmin Home

Software for Garmin GPS units. The Forerunner series of wrist mounted GPS/heart rate monitor units is very popular in orienteering.

Ozi-Explorer Home page - GPS mapping software


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